Ethiopian National Anthem

1.ተነሳ ተራመድ: ሀ ሁ ኢትዮጵያ ትቅደም

This song was once popular all over the country during the Mengistu led regime prior to 1991



Ethiopia hoy dess ibalish beamlakish hail benegoosish

Ethiopia be happy, thanks to God’s strength and your Emperor’s wise rule

Anthem used between 1930 to 1975

Flag used between 1897 to 1975



“Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Ethiopia kidemi” (Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Ethiopia be first) was the anthem in use by the communist government of Ethiopia from 1975 to 1992.

Words by Assefa Gebre-Mariam Tessama (b.1936). Music by Daniel Yohannes Haggos (b.1950).


Ītyoṗya, Ītyoṗya, Ītyoṗya, qidä mī
bähibräsäbawīnnät, abbibī, lämlimī!
Qal kīdan gäbtäwal jägnotch lijotchishi,
wänzotch tärarotchish dingil märetishi
läĪtyoṗya andinnät länäşannätishi
mäswait līhonu läkibir läzinnashi.
Täramäji wädä fit bätibäbi godanna.
Taṭäqī läsira lagär biliṣiginna!
Yäjägnotch innat näsh, bälijotchish kurī.
Ṭälatotchish yiṭfu, läzälaläm nurī!


Ethiopia, Ethiopia — Ethiopia, be first
In socialism — flourish, be fertile!

Your brave sons have made a covenant,
That your rivers and mountains, your virgin land
Should be a sacrifice for the unity of Ethiopia, for your freedom,
To your honour and renown!

Strive forwards on the road of wisdom,
Gird yourself for the task,
For the prosperity of the land!

You are the mother of heroes — be proud of your sons,
May your enemies perish — may you live for ever!



1992 to …


A maximum capacity crowd at during Ethiopia vs. Sudan second leg clash produced this stunning emotional and beautiful version of Ethiopian National Anthem. Watch the packed Addis Ababa stadium faithful singing የ ዜግነት ክብር in one united voice!


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