Portraits of How Axum Obelisks Were Erected

The builders of the obelisks were not Christians but people who had same faith or similar to that of Ancient Egypt. These objects have no affiliation with Christianity and indeed pre-date Christianity.

They erected such objects because they believed their soul and spirit will reach the Heavens to their God (sky/sun). The priest and the king on the horse are the imagination of the Church. These sites pre-date Christianity and are inline with Ancient Egypt, which itself pre-dates Judaism or first Testimony (Torah). Thus is big flop.

Also the illustrations are not accurate on how they were erected. If one looks at the actual obelisks they can see they have staircases and high platforms.

Likewise pulling with elephants with such elevation/slope means the elephants had to fall from the ends of these slopes. There is no way elephants on another separate slope can pull such object to land into that space.



Here is some input and one should be familiar with slopes, friction, friction coefficient, angle of elevation, mass, weight and basic geometry. What is illustrated above by the Church is very inaccurate even from mathematical argument.ImageIt was only when the obelisk reached at the top (center) of the slope and the elephants have begun descending on the other side of the slope did the engineers begun making the hole.

However from Church illustrations walking elephants into deep trench only means they fell inside there unless of course they made a u-turn and climb over the obelisk. Big error.

By the way, according to my calculations about 630 big elephants were needed to move such object which is close to 200 ton. The rolling logs (wheels) could have cut by 60% and further men power could get the elephant work force, which means roughly about 100 or so elephants were needed.