The Original Flag

The original Ethiopian flag consists red, yellow and green coloured pennants and dates back as early as the 17th century. Although the proportion and shape of the colors may have varied, the flag remains to have all three colors. Each color has its own interpretation and has a special importance in the Ethiopian Empire’s Solomonic dynasty.


The Empire Flag

On 6th October 1897, the original flag was changed, as the pennants were transformed to rectangles. At this point, the green represented the country’s fertile land, the yellow it’s natural wealth and Christianity and the red, the power and faith of the nation.  In early 19 century the colors were re-arranged and the Lion of Judah bearing a cross, features on the central stripe was featured in the center of the flag.


The Imperial Flag

In 1949 a new flag was introduced for His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie portraying the empire flag encircled by the collar of the Order of Solomon’s Seal featuring a Shield of David or Star of David with a cross, at each corner and in the bottom middle of the flag.


The People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Flag

In 1987 the People’s Democratic Republic introduced a new flag with a blue shield and a stele of the ancient Kingdom of Aksum. The flag also attributed a cogwheel, a yellow star on red, yellow rays, and the country’s name at the top in Ge’ez characters.


The Tricolor Flag

In 1991 the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front changed the flag to the Tricolor flag, which has always been used widely used irrespective of the regime in power.


The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front Flag

On February 1996 the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front introduced a new flag with a blue disk, symbolizing “the bright prospect in sight for the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (of Ethiopia) united in their common will”.


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