Here is how a State of Emergency works in TPLF’s EPRDF

Eprdf officially suspends half of the Constitutionally guaranteed rights by declaring a State of Emergency. here is How.

1.”The Law works retroactively”

In violation of Art. 22 of the Constitution

2.“Media platforms that appeared as Security threats could be shut down”

In violation of Art. 29 of the Constitution

3.“The right to Assembly and Demonstration are subjected to suspension”

In violation of Art. 30 of the Constitution

4.“Individuals suspected of inciting violence could be detained without an arrest warrant”

In violation Art. 17 & 19 of the Constitution

5.The Command post have a mandate to take proportional measures [including killing of individuals]”

In violation of Art. 15 of the Const.

6.“Substantive & Procedural laws are subject of suspension”

In violation of Art. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 37 & 78 of the Constitution

7. “Gun possessors (including legal one) could be banned from entering into some areas”

In violation of Art.16 & 40 of the constitution

8. “Individuals could be quarantined for indefinite time”

In violation of Art. 17,19 and 32 of the Constitution

9. “Roads could be shut down randomly”

In violation of Art. 32 of the Constitution

10. “Any car or house could be searched without a search warrant”

In violation of Art. 19 & 26 of the Constitution

11. “Individuals could be randomly stopped and frisked”

In violation of Art. 16 & 26 of the constitution

12. “Curfew declared”

In violation of Art. 14, 17 & 32 of the Constitution