Control of sources could expand power deep into Africa

WASHINGTON – Just as ISIS has targeted oil refineries in its takeover of half of Syria and one-third of Iraq to finance its operations, the self-declared Islamic caliphate is looking to control access to something more vital – water – as it expands to North Africa, sources tell Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin..

With control of water sources in the north, the jihadist Arab has the potential to wield influence over the entire African continent.

ISIS’ experience in Syria and Iraq demonstrates the power of controlling water sources. Its seizure of key facilities on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers has enabled it to control water access for its Shiite enemies in the south of Iraq.

Al-Qaida affiliates that have sworn allegiance to ISIS in Egypt, Ethiopia and the Maghreb countries of western North Africa similarly could capture vital sources of water that affect the whole continent.


In its own map, ISIS has declared its intention to expand into Africa.

“Control over the Nile headwaters in South Sudan and Ethiopia are highly central to Sudanese and Egyptian geo-strategic concerns,” one African specialist told G2 on condition of anonymity.

“Ethiopia has a big hydro-project where I believe they gave sufficient assurances to Sudan and Egypt about their concerns of Nile flow into their respective countries,” he said.

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